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2019's Guide to the Best Wedding Registries

Congratulations! You've found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The hard part is over, right? Well, until you realize there are literally hundreds of places you could potentially register for wedding gifts. But it's OK. We've got you. We did the legwork and reviewed as many registries as we could to narrow down the options into six specific categories: Best Overall Registries, Best Registries for the Home, Best Registries for the Couple that Has it All (So that's how you get a SodaStream!), Best Non-Traditional Registries, and Best Splurge and Bargain Registries. In each category, you'll find our top 5 picks, along with the key benefits that make each registry stand out among the competition.

Think about what you need or want as you begin your married life. If your honeymoon fund is looking rather bleak, head over to the non-traditional section and learn how to register for the trip of your dreams. Or, if you're all about finally scoring that All-Clad Master Chef collection you've admired for years, check out our picks for the best registries in the home category. This guide has something for every kind of couple, whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your current stuff (you know, like a real adult). Keep in mind that if you're looking for traditional registry benefits like a completion discount, you'll want to stick with a well-known retailer. But if you'd rather explore out-of-the-box registry options, like a charitable giving fund or a wine and spirits registry, you've come to the right place. So sit back, relax, maybe even pop a bottle of bubbly, and browse our ultimate wedding registry guide before saying "I do."

Check out the best wedding registries for, well, everything you could ever possibly need or want — from home goods to honeymoon adventures — right here:
  • Best Overall Registry: Amazon
  • Best for the Home: Macy's
  • Best Registry for the Couple Who Has It All: Etsy
  • Best Non-Traditional Registry: Costco
  • Best Splurge Registry: Williams Sonoma
  • Best Budget-Friendly Registry: Walmart

Best Overall Registries


No surprise here. Amazon offers the best selection of wedding gifts in the known universe. So if you want to avoid registering on multiple sites, this is the registry for you, since Amazon has pretty much everything. There's not much new to learn when it comes to navigating the registry either, since you already use Amazon to order, well, everything (and so does everyone who will be attending your wedding).

Key Benefits:

  • Amazon offers curated lists of its most popular wedding gifts by room and brand to make creating your registry super easy.
  • The group-gifting feature allows friends and family to go in on expensive items you really want (like the Vitamix!).
  • You'll still get fast, free shipping on eligible items so you can start using that stainless steel wok ASAP.


Who doesn't love Target? Register with the retailer that is essentially your happy place anyway. Target offers all the brands you know and love — and want to fill your home with — from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia to Opalhouse. Creating a Target wedding registry makes buying gifts super simple for your guests, too, since they can schedule to pick up items in the store nearest to them or ship gifts directly to you.

Key Benefits:

  • Friends and family can search your wedding registry by price threshold and most-wanted items.
  • Target also allows wedding guests to help fund items not found in store, like your honeymoon!
  • You can scan barcodes in store (since you'll be there anyway) to easily add items to your registry.

#3Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond remains one of the most user-friendly wedding registries out there. Its online tools include an interactive checklist that'll help you make sure you aren't forgetting any important items needed to start your married life, plus a wedding registry analyzer that makes sure you include a range of gifts in all categories, at a variety of price points. If you'd rather set up a registry in person (OK, if your mom would rather you did), an in-store expert is on hand to help you get started.

Key Benefits:

  • Peruse idea boards by room and theme, and create your own.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond offers a price-match promise so if you find an item you want somewhere else for less, they've got you!
  • Manage your registry anytime, anywhere (um, from your honeymoon), with the accompanying app.


Your destination for everyday essentials is also a top spot to register for gifts for the biggest day or your life. Guests will appreciate the budget-friendly nature of a Walmart wedding registry, and you'll appreciate the wide selection of items. Walmart makes registering super convenient; you can do so in store, online, or via an app. You won't miss registering for an item either, because Walmart's site features lists of registry essentials by room.

Key Benefits:

  • Surf through lists of the most-registered items in every category, from bedding to kitchenware.
  • Scan items in-store to add to your registry right from your phone.
  • Walmart offers printed registry cards you can add to your wedding or shower invites.


Zola is the place to go if you want to tackle all of your wedding tasks in one place. Not only can you build your registry with Zola, but the site also guides you through creating a free wedding website to inform guests about important details like lodging, transportation, and designing save-the-dates and invites. What also sets Zola apart is that not only can guests register for classic gifts like mixing bowls and bath towels from over 500 brands, but they can also contribute to a honeymoon fund if you'd rather go big on a trip instead of table settings.

Key Benefits:

  • Before a gift ships, if you'd rather exchange it for something else, you can, without the giver ever knowing.
  • Zola's site offers tons of wedding-planning tools, like a guest-list manager, to-do list tracker and registry tips.
  • The registry creation process is simple and fun, complete with automated features and videos.

Best Registries for the Home


When you think home, you probably think Macy's, so it's no wonder this retailer's wedding registry is considered top-notch for home goods for newlyweds. From the kitchen to the bedroom, from big appliances to specialized cooking gadgets, and from luggage to yup, a mattress, you'll find all the popular brand-name items for the home you dream of owning once you're officially hitched.

Key Benefits:

  • Macy's offers a discount (from 10 - 25 percent off) on all items you place on your registry, from bedding to appliances and furniture.
  • Engaged couples can attend in-store registry events featuring champagne, snacks, and advice for building the best registry.
  • Couples can register for a "dream fund", which basically allows guests to contribute to your own personal shopping spree!

#2Crate & Barrel

If you and your soon-to-be lawfully wedded partner love to cook and entertain, you should seriously consider signing up for the retailer where springform pans, decanters and zesters are registry staples. Crate & Barrel is also the perfect place to register if your home is lacking an ironing board, umbrella stand, pillow shams, nightstands or a fruit basket. In other words, they have it all for the home, and even Grandma couldn't find a flaw with the quality of C&B's offerings, nor will you when it comes to sleek style and functionality.

Key Benefits:

  • Guests enjoy free shipping on all registry gifts.
  • C&B's wedding registry checklist is seriously second-to-none, and it will help you create a complete list of everything you'll ever need to enjoy the home of your dreams.
  • Private registry events allow you (and your mom, and your MIL) to see and touch items before you add them to your list.


That's right, your favorite discount home-finds site offers a wedding registry service. From outdoor decor to rugs, coffee tables, juicers, cheese boards and much more, Wayfair has all the latest trends for the home from brands you desire, like Kate Spade, Calphalon and All-Clad. Plus, the prices won't scare off your family and friends. Whether you're just starting out building a home together, or you and your partner are looking to upgrade your current home, a Wayfair registry won't let you down.

Key Benefits:

  • Guests enjoy free shipping on everything from armchairs to Cuisinarts.
  • Browse trending decor lists that help you build the most current, craveworthy registry.
  • Get inspired by registries created by famous couples (Arie and Lauren!) and "real" couples, too.


The huge selection of affordable, on-trend home goods and accessories is reason enough to register at IKEA. Plus, you can register for Swedish meatballs (just sayin'). We love that the registry list is organized by type of gift, like "eating" or "bedroom", and can also be filtered by price range, so it's user friendly for guests. You'll love that you have an excuse to walk around Ikea (and eat the meatballs) as many times as you want between now and the wedding.

Key Benefits:

  • Snap a photo of an item, and voilà, it's added to your registry.
  • You can choose to make your registry private by prompting guests to enter a password before viewing.
  • You'll need to join the free Ikea Family program to create a registry — but that just means you're eligible to receive special discounts, offers, tips and inspiration.


If you dream of unwrapping crystal candlesticks, Missoni china, a designer cake stand and sheets with a thread count even your MIL can't hate on, head to Bloomingdale's to create your registry. This upscale retailer offers wedding couples personal attention, serious inspiration, and a drool-worthy selection of items for every room in the home of your dreams.

Key Benefits:

  • Dedicated registry consultants will make sure you register for everything you need (and want).
  • Take advantage of deals on spa days and travel when you sign up.
  • The Little Registry Guide slideshow will both inspire and educate you about items you may not even know you needed (like a 4-quart covered casserole dish).

Best Registries for the Couple That Has It All


Do you want to emblazon every last thing in your new home with your married initial or monogram? Go ahead and register with Etsy. From door mats, to towels, to jewelry, to dog collars, Etsy sellers can personalize pretty much anything. You'll also be able to score unique gifts and one-of-a-kind finds, from wall decor to throw blankets, artisan light fixtures and handcrafted furniture. Think outside the ordinary here. (Note: You must register first on Etsy to create your registry list.)

Key Benefits:

  • Include a note to the seller to customize each product on your registry list.
  • Etsy is a great way to support artists and other small business owners.
  • Browse categories and inspiration lists to create a registry that'll get your heart racing.


If you are more interested in outfitting yourself for a camping trip, an upcoming marathon, or a surf vacation than registering for a set of steak knives, head to REI's wedding registry. The outdoor adventure retailer partnered with so you can add items like a yoga mat, a YETI cooler (yes please!), a mountain bike, and backcountry skiing bindings to a universal registry (you know, in case your mom insists that you get those steak knives).

Key Benefits:

  • Return anything within a year of purchase, hassle-free.
  • Mobile app-enabled capability allows you to manage your registry from the top of a mountain or mid-white water rafting trip.
  • Keep in mind seasonal or discounted products may not be available if your event is many months away.

#3The Good Beginning

If you'd rather give than receive, first of all, we are inspired. Second of all, there's a wedding registry for that. The Good Beginning allows wedding couples to ask for donations to their favorite charities rather than traditional gifts like coffee presses or lamps. If you aren't sure exactly which charity you want to support through your wedding registry, you can browse tons of options in a variety of categories, from those that benefit children, animals, communities in crisis, the arts and many more.

Key Benefits:

  • Enter up to five charities to sponsor through your wedding registry.
  • If your charity is not currently enrolled in the program, The Good Beginning does all the work to get them set up.
  • Make sure your charity is in good standing before setting up your registry (The Good Beginning walks you through how to do so on the site).


You are about experiences, not stuff. But there's no way you and your soon-to-be spouse can afford to travel to your dream honeymoon destination. Sniff. French Polynesia will have to wait. Or will it? Enter HoneyFund, a wedding registry that enables guests to donate to your honeymoon fund, rather than outfitting your home with a waffle iron and matching cutlery (not that there's anything wrong with wanting that stuff!). Through HoneyFund, friends and family help fulfill your transportation, hotel stay, or meal requests, as well as the experiences you hope to enjoy on your dream trip.

Key Benefits:

  • Create a custom page that tells guests all about the dream honeymoon they will be helping you go on.
  • Set up a cash fund so you can use donations for anything you want, not just a honeymoon.
  • Get inspired by HoneyFund's list of top honeymoon destinations, and find out where real couples are going to celebrate their new life together.

Best Non-Traditional Registries


Dreams do come true! The wholesaler has a wedding registry, and we can't get signed up fast enough. Costco has partnered with to provide lovers of bulk single-serve coffee cups with a streamlined registry experience. Of course, you can also register for appliances, home goods, bakeware, personal care items, and single-serve coffee cups. Oh, we already said that.

Key Benefits:

  • Shop Costco's online list of its top wedding registry items (Yes, the Keurig is on there).
  • Register for Costco gift cards so you can stock up on bagel bites and Gatorade after the wedding.
  • Don't forget you can buy your wedding rings and shop for honeymoons at the discounted bulk retailer.

#2The Knot

To register for stuff, experiences, cash, well, whatever, The Knot is the place to go. You can ask guests for traditional items like muffin pans or a garlic press from Williams Sonoma, as well as a cooking class, cash for a downpayment for your first home, charitable donations, or Amazon gift cards. Everything appears together as one list so guests can browse to find the item or experience that speaks to them as the gift they want to pick to support you on your big day.

Key Benefits:

  • Psst… In case you hadn't heard, The Knot offers wedding planning tips and tools, local trusted vendor lists, wedding day and registry inspiration, and shopping links so it's basically a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs.
  • If you'd rather register at just one retailer, you can also do so through The Knot. Why would you? Because you can set up a wedding website to share info about your event and your registry, so everything is in one convenient place.
  • The online Registry Guide ensures you won't overlook any important items.


No, this is not a drill! A wine and spirits registry actually exists, because life really can be this good. And, get this: Industry experts from Wine Enthusiast help curate the selection of adult beverage options to choose from, from tequila to red wine. So, if you would so much rather register for booze than bedsheets, ThirstyNest can fill your cup.

Key Benefits:

  • The 1-click registry option allows you to automatically register for pre-selected lists of items created around certain themes, like wine or scotch lovers. There are also lists curated by influencers in the industry.
  • Register for barware and bar furniture, too.
  • Wedding registry page is "Pinterest-level" polished, according to ThirstyNest.


Can your married life ever feature too much pizza? Not according to Domino's. For the couple that believes if you nosh on a large extra cheese with black olives, you are bound to stay together, the pizza chain offers its version of a wedding registry. Each gift is an eGift card to spend as you see fit, on meals with fun names like, "The Wedding Night," and "An Excuse Not to Cook." We can all agree that's a great gift!

Key Benefits:

  • eGift cards are delivered right to a registered email to make gifting super easy and fast.
  • There's a printable page as well in case your family or friends want to present you with their pizza gift.
  • You can spend your eGift card on any food item on


This site is a one-stop shop for all your wedding planning needs. On Blueprint, you can create a custom wedding website, use the RSVP management tool and checklists, plus find wedding-day inspiration. The site also acts as a universal registry, but here's what really sets Blueprint apart: Wedding couples can tastefully register for cash. Yup, cash, to do whatever they want with, be it buy a first home or take a dream trip. (Or both!)

Key Benefits:

  • With Blueprint, guests can contribute any denomination of funds.
  • Lowest cash processing fees available.
  • There's also a group gifting option that allows guests to contribute to a portion of a pricier gift or cash request.

Best Splurge Registries

#1Williams Sonoma

Dreaming of monogrammed Wusthof knives and a copper KitchenAid mixer? Then direct your guests to your Williams Sonoma wedding registry, which of course, you'll have created with a dedicated registry specialist at your private, one-on-one consultation. Relatives and friends with deep pockets can purchase items from a $350 pasta maker, to a $150 electric milk frother, to a $2,000 copper cookware set. But hey, you're worth it! And, pretty much anything you receive from Williams Sonoma is going to last about as long as your marriage, so, for the rest of your life.

Key Benefits:

  • You can add Pottery Barn and West Elm items to your list via "The One" Collective Registry.
  • Use the WS app to manage your registry.
  • Product guides walk you through all of WS's items, from cutlery to homekeeping.

#2Pottery Barn

If your dream home looks like a Pottery Barn catalog, don't overthink it! Register here. From monogrammed sheets, towels, photo frames, (matching!) bathrobes, and luggage tags, to barware and dishware, to furniture, home accents, and just about anything you could ever desire for any room in your home (except the cute dogs), the only problem you'll have when you set up your registry is limiting the amount of things you want to add to your list. The best part is that Pottery Barn classics never go out of style so you're set for life when you request gifts from the retailer that made apothecary tables cool again.

Key Benefits:

  • "The One" Collective Registry is a new benefit that allows you to add items from West Elm and Williams Sonoma to your list.
  • View PB's top 100 registry essentials to make creating your list super easy.
  • One-on-one appointments with an in-store registry expert available.

#3Restoration Hardware

If you know what an etagere is, a Restoration Hardware wedding registry might be for you. RH's collection of (very) high-end furnishings and home decor are curated by top artisans around the world. From stonewashed Belgian linen bedding, to Turkish towels, to unique art finds, and furniture pieces with price points as high as your mind can imagine, Restoration Hardware's modern, eclectic, top-quality offerings would please even the Queen of England. But more importantly, you.

Key Benefits:

  • RH members will get a 25 percent discount when they purchase items from your registry.
  • Guests can also purchase gift cards for up to $2,000.
  • You can register at a RH gallery near you, or online, and manage your registry at any time online.


Turn your registry up a notch with inspired finds from Anthropologie. The upscale retailer wants to make gifting fun again, with its artistic collection of bold and dare we say, sorta out there (in the best way possible!) home items. Because who says you can't express yourself and get what you need? Get started by shopping whimsical furnishings like a peacock cabana daybed and a macrame table runner. Oh, and did we mention Joanna Gaines designs a line for Anthropologie? So, you've already left the page and you're shopping the collection, right? OK, bye!

Key Benefits:

  • Get inspo surfing through top-rated items lists in every department, from kitchen to bath.
  • New 15 percent completion discount offered.
  • Register for anything on the site, including clothes, shoes and accessories.

Best Budget-Friendly Registries


It's your go-to retailer for everything from dog food to cotton balls, so why not register within your comfort zone? Your friends and family will thank you for considering the budget when it comes to gifts, but you'll still get all the stuff you need to start your married life off right. From dishes to slow cookers, from mattress pads to shower caddies, and from fryers to serving trays, Walmart has everything. As you well know. And who says you can't register for dog food, too? And paper towels. Because that stuff goes fast!

Key Benefits:

  • Browse top items other couples picked for their Walmart registry.
  • Set up and manage your registry from the Walmart app.
  • Guests can take advantage of rollback pricing for added savings on discounted items.


For the best brands (Calphalon, KitchenAid) at the best prices, register at JCPenney. The longtime staple retailer carries all your must-haves for your new life together, from laundry hampers, to kitchen measuring cups, to mattresses. And just because you're registering at a budget-friendly store doesn't mean you can't add splurge items. Hello KitchenAid Artisan Series mixer in Ice Blue!

Key Benefits:

  • Use your smartphone as a scanner to add items to your registry.
  • Print announcement cards for shower and wedding invites.
  • Browse inspiration galleries to get excited for your registry.


From cookware to luggage, to home care and furnishings, Belk is a price-conscious retailer with tons of options for newlyweds looking to fill out their first homes. The registry program at Belk is pretty robust, complete with perks like engagement party events and expert advice from bridal associates. In other words, you don't have to be a big spender to get the special treatment.

Key Benefits:

  • Take advantage of Belk Registry guides and inspiration lists.
  • Belk boasts a very high completion discount of 25 percent.
  • The Belk app makes creating and managing your registry super user-friendly.


Home goods and, yes, tools will be en route to your new address when you register at Kmart. Guests won't hate that you thought of their wallets when you set up your list, and you'll get the peace of mind that your home will come together with help from a retailer whose aisles you shopped long before you ever dreamed of walking down the aisle.

Key Benefits:

  • Print out enclosure cards right from your computer.
  • Use the Kmart app to manage your registry.
  • Surf inspo lists for ideas on what to register for.


Q: How many stores should I register at?

A: Stick to no more than three stores — and aim to at least have one that has the ability to shop online and ship items. A national brand is typically great because it’s accessible for nearly everyone but don’t be afraid to also go local, selecting a store that speaks to your interests or hobbies. Just be mindful of the fact that stores without online options are less likely to be considered.

Kylie Carlson, CEO, International Academy for Wedding & Event Planning

Q: What are some items that couples don't register for but should?

A: I think luggage is always a great idea and it is often overlooked. So consider adding it to the list — whether you have the travel bug and need to replace every few years, or are eager to travel more.

Emily Sullivan, Owner, Emily Sullivan Events

Q: What are some practical gifts we can ask for that we’ll actually use?

A: I haven’t met a pair of newlyweds that enjoys going back to their routine after the wedding, especially when it comes to running errands and doing chores. That being said, I’ve found that meal delivery services are some of the most practical gifts you can ask for, and they remove a lot of dread that comes with a post-wedding grocery trip.

Kevin Dennis, Owner, Fantasy Sound Event Services